Too easy to take over bases?

I like building in Rust and all, but it’s kinda of a major letdown when people just come along your base, plant quite a bit of C4 on all your doors and just place their own metal doors in place of it. They were majorly geared up more than us and we didn’t stand a chance, they were possibly stockpiling the c4 or something. How do players starting out building a base even have a chance against the big guys on the server when they can take over any base they want, just to be assholes or not?

Don’t build a big base in the middle of an open field.
Build a small fortified and efficient home in the mountains or rocks somewhere. It’ll be much more difficult to find.

Our base wasn’t too big, but it’s more so of a suggestion. Im still questioning whether bases should be able to be taken over, because it is a major letdown when you have a base, and bandits randomly come across it and group up. We originally did have a 1x2 base in the mountains but that just got blown up by some bandits with C4 that came across it.

Sorry if I sounded like a jerk lol, I didn’t mean to imply that’s exactly what you did. xD
Yes, it’s frustrating, especially since they usually get all of the loot that went with it. It’s worth hiding away important back ups of things a short distance from your home.
Ex.: Hide a small stash with 5 c4, a fully modded m4, and a stack of ammo somewhere nearby. Gives you (almost) everything you need to take your house back from those assholes. :wink:

It is extremely easy to take over any base on any server. IMO c4 should not be craftable, only from airdrops (in lower quantities) and from zombie / crates. The amount of c4 you can create from solo farming in resource valley is… disturbing.

If you build at least 4 different doors ways with pathways in your base with about 6 other doors in your base and a balcony/window it should be quite difficult to take over. Im sure once we can build stronger bases out of steel instead of aluminum or something it will fix the issue you are complaining about. But as for noob bases, obviously taking over there base wont be hard, just like minecraft or any other building game. You need to spend the time it takes to build a fortified defense if you wanna be safe is a cut throat game like this.

damn right it’s too easy, i had seen them give up on my base after using probably 30 c4, so they went and replaced my front door with their own because they didn’t get shit after all that c4 and wanted an easy way up to the top floors, i wish they could make it so only the person who put down all the foundations and other house parts can put a door in the door/doorway after it’s blown for the 1st day or 2, then after that others can maybe put their own doors in too.

I have an even better idea, make more settings easily changed.

Easy, beginner server has no raiding, lots of resources, and people that want to relax can enjoy the game rather than being on edge all the time. Harder settings enable easily destructed wood structures, rare resources, and more enemies? Just a thought. That way there’s no way one could complain “well that takes out all the fun”. In some easy .cfg file within the server folder like they have for source games.

yeah spending a whole day crafting your high tower surrounded with pillars just to have it destroyed in 20 mins when your logged off is really upsetting but i guess the balance will even out at some point

Agreed. I’m waiting until there’s more settings like I suggested a minute ago(or singleplayer?). I was expecting a better experience when I joined, I don’t like competition. I like teamplay, sure. Not competition.

Unfortunately all servers can be briefed since C4 is obtainable from zombies. There’s like 1-2 servers that can’t be briefed, one is mine

that actually sounds fun, until they sort out a balance. Then i could see this server being a creative type one.

So long as they’re not cheating, and/or you’re not using wooden containers.

Stash in the mountains isn’t safe from this:
And they can see what is inside so they know whether it’s worth it to blow in (though they’re probably duping the C4 anyway so may not care about conserving it):

Looking forward to checking out this other server without explosives, could be interesting :slight_smile:

I would agree with this.

or increase the required materials by alot.

Use furnaces as storage boxes instead, hides your base 100% from hackers. (unless there within ESP render distance that will give away your current location.)

I smell a “shut the fuck up about hackers” rule coming.

I had a similar experience, they got in by getting rid of a wall then opening all my closed metal doors.
Presumably just a new variation on hacking tools because I definitely did not leave all those doors open when I left the building…

I understand that there will always be someone trying to do such things, but hopefully the devs are able to quickly patch around the issues (presuming they’re not core to the program and can’t be changed, like happened with BF3, etc).

I agree with Sievers808 I have a place i always build that people never go to and its my kinda safe house. that i have gear in so if my big base gets owned you always have something to fall back on. Thats my advice for that, and they have pve servers if you dont like being raided just saying.

There are also a couple of servers now with explosives removed so people can’t raid you through metal doors any more - search for the Rust++ or RustPP servers if you want to try that out. Still PvP so you don’t lose the outside danger, but you can at least be pretty safe inside your own house :wink:

Edit: Noon416, if you’re not able to close the doors again then they just blew them and replaced with their own. If you CAN close them, then yeah that sounds like something new :confused: …Or they got your Steam login somehow. If you tried out (downloaded and ran) any rust cheats or ‘tools’ etc, it’s likely they infected you with a keylogger (if the doors are still yours).

I still had ownership/control on the doors afterwards, so they weren’t destroyed.
And I know they were closed when I left, as I’m very paranoid about that sort of thing.