Too late for drawing entry.

Before reading this: If needed remove the thread but please don’t ban me for this.

So recently I realized there was a key give away for people interested in playing rust to draw a picture and have a chance to win a Rust key. I was very interested as most of us would be and I started drawing. I slowly drew for a few days and finally finished. Now that I had time I decided to post my picture and hopefully get a key. Sadly I just missed the time to post and I’d at least like to post my picture here if it means anything. I am in no way expecting a key from this, BUT if there are more keys available I hope we can have another chance.

NOTE: I actually finished my picture yesterday but I wasn’t able to post until today.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and good luck to the Rust team.

Peanut Head

Good luck to everyone!

Just a few minutes ago I went to post my drawing to have a chance at winning a rust key, but then I realized that the ‘Win a Rust Alpha Key - draw us a picture!’ was closed before I could post my drawing. I spent quite a few hours on my drawing and did everything according to the rules on the forum post. I wrote the date as 7/10/13 because I drew it 2 days ago but was unable to post it then because of personal reasons.

I know there are many other people who would love to win a key just as much as I would but I missed it JUST barely and I hope to still have a chance to enter! :slight_smile:

Thank you for your time, KindofAsian


Thank you for this post Peanut Head! :smiley:

well youre not the only one here goes nothing too… i missed the contest also, spent my whole last night drawing it… i was not able to send because i was without internet last night… welll here it my drawing…
hope you guys consider it.

Thanks in adavance :slight_smile:

I was actually about to start drawing another picture then realized it was closed. I wonder if they will look at your drawings. Good luck!

Probably not. They had a week to do so Im guessing mods wouldnt take this in notice but you never know.

If anyone else is in the same situation… You might as well post your pictures here. Even if you don’t get a key, at least you can show your drawings!

I can’t believe they aren’t even looking at images without image tags. . . It wasn’t even in the rules that it had to have IMG tags, I didn’t use IMG tags because I didn’t want to be a dick and tag up the whole post :stuck_out_tongue:

Good luck!!! I barely missed it too!! Good luck everyone!

Great is finished mine last night aswell :smiley:


I dont see any Reason why these Guys should stop Posting there Images. Its Fun to watch them, why all these Hate? :frowning:

Because believe it or not I’m actually trying to help them from getting banned, or rather the OTP (Original Thread Poster)

We’re not breaking any rules… I don’t see why we should let our drawings go to waste.

Agree with Peanut Head. We’re not breaking any rules. Also I wouldn’t want my drawing to go to waste :confused:

Guys, please don’t expect to get a key from this, and i’m not saying you won’t get a key. But just post your drawings here if you could not enter and show off your art work. It’s all in good fun for the game! :smiley:

There is a fan art thread, I suggest you upload your pictures there instead of making new threads.

These are the pictures that we didn’t get to enter into the “Win a Rust Alpha Key - draw us a picture!”. This is not fan art.

Yeah I know, but I think there is a reason the original thread is closed, it’s over.

Why do you disagree? It’s a fact, I don’t make the rules :smiley:

MrMeier, I see what you are saying, but we are optimistic about the situation seeing as how it was only closed a few hours ago and I was going to post my pic today. Please don’t start an argument here we are just making a friendly post.

I don’t see why you can’t just let us post our pictures? Are you afraid we might actually get some people looking at them? As I said before the only real reason we’re posting these is so they don’t go to waste. Yes I would like a key… But I’m not expecting one.