Too lot of categories

I want to add some spawnicons but i have too lots of categories and i can’t add my icons where i want!

Can you explain what ‘two lots of categories’ means?

You have too many addons.

Yes but i need these add-on for play online!

Find a better server which doesn’t use so many addons.

Did you see a spacebuild server who don’t require spacebuild models?
And i need them too!

Edit the spawnlists by hand, then?

Yup. I’ve done it once before.

Larry's Ultimate Weapon Pack - Pistols
Larry's Ultimate Weapon Pack - Rifles
Shibboro Cigarette Models
Larry's Ultimate Weapon Pack - Shotguns
Delta Force
RT Screen Pack

Don’t seem to be Spacebuild. Hmm?

I need for screenshots posing XD

But for gm_mobenix_v2 your post not false!