Too many bears, not enough game animals

Ok, WTF, guys? I’ve just killed 4 pigs and every time, there are so many bears nearby that I can’t even pick up the spoils without being harassed by these bears. I see chickens and rabbits, which I never did before, but by the time I am either shooting bears or running away from the, they are gone. What has happened with the game balance? It was much better before. I couldn’t agree more with anyone who says that zombies are way over done and just silly, but this is not an improvement.

Bears are easier to kill than deer though. More bears is better.

Not when four of them are chasing you around and you only have a 9mm pistol and a hatchet.

No, the more that are chasing you the more reward you get
You simply trap the bears in a spot that’s too small for them to get through, and they’ll just camp that area
Shelters also prevent any npc from entering
You hatchet them, step backwards, and reap the reward after they’re all dead. You might get hit a couple of times but if you set up a campfire nearby you’ll heal faster.

That depends on what weapons you’re equipped with.

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Hmm, good thinking.

Indeed, it’s a real ammo saver. And it’s exactly the kind of ingenuity Rust should encourage.

You hatchet them? You’ll still be hit…

Not if you back away lol
And if you do get hit because of lag it’s no problem because of campfire