Too Many edicts with little to no entities

I have posted a thread about this before on the other section with hardly any help.
I know that the issue is caused by too many entities however i know for a fact that my server cant be creating that many.
I have spent weeks trying to fix it and i have removed so many addons that use entities and i still have constant crashes.

Here is the exact error:

I have tried absolutely everything there Is, I have tried recoding my server from scratch several times.
I have tried to remove all addons.
I have tried using a lua file to clean up entities.
I have limitied props.

None of these work, does anyone have any suggestions?
Here is my current list of addons i have that could create entites, the rest of my addons are just darkrp Huds,F4 menus and ULX things

Here is a Link to my servers workshop aswell for the other addons we use: [](Link Here)

Thanks to anyone that can help me

What map are you using?

Also restart the server then run lua_run print(#ents.GetAll()) in the server console to see how many edicts are already used just by addons and the map itself.

Map Is RP_downtown_evilmelon
Using lua_run print(#ents.GetAll()) it says 900 used by addons and map itself.

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Also After finding out about that lua_run print(#ents.GetAll()) Command i ran some tests. Spawning one of every printer only increases the value by 1 per printer. Each job i became only increases it by 3. Each meth item i spawned only increased by 1. So there is no reason why we could be hitting the max entity limit with only 20 players at a time.

Also the ents.GetAll thing is a rough estimate as not all of those entities are networked, so theres probably less than 900 edicts in use.

How long does the server have to be up for the edict errors to start showing up? There’s probably an addon that’s creating entities but not removing them.

Try a different map, if the issue persists then it’s a script you’re running, otherwise the map is at fault.

This issue has been happening in all maps we have tried. We have tried Downtown, Evocity and now we are on evilmelon.
The server stays up for a random amount of time. Sometimes it will be up for as small as 15 mins with only 8 players on it, then it will crash. Sometimes is will be 2-3 hours with 20+ players then it will crash.

Its a really strange error. And the error only shows after the server crashes when i look in my servers console. Also after this error it requires me to manually restart it to get it back up and running.

Try writing a script that logs the number of entities every 5 minutes or so, and wait for it to crash a couple times. Try to look for a trend in the increase of entity counts in the log.

Was this solved?

I’m actually having the same problem, at the moment.

Maybe its a “backdoor” coded in an addon, supposted to spam entities, to crash the server at a random time.