"Too many edicts!"

Hi, my map works fine in singleplayer but I just tried it through srcds and it crashes with this upon launch:


Is there anything I can do to make this work?

I just so happened to suffer from this problem recently and fixed it. The issue is a result of having too many networked entities in your map. Some examples include: prop_physics/prop_physics_multiplayer, logic_xxxx entities, triggers, etc.

In essence, any entity used to govern different “events” (ex: triggering, input/output) is monitored by the server. The limit is 2048 and when you approach that limit, your map will crash.

So, for now, start cutting out entities (brush-based and point-based) and make your logic flow more efficient. (ex: Use less entities to coordinate different events)

Keep in mind though, when you spawn weapons, players and other entities in-game, you are increasing the number of edicts to be tracked and could easily exceed your limit. Always leave some leg room.

In-game, you can determine the amount of entities that are currently being controlled by executing “report_entities” in the console.

For more information, see https://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/Entity_limit

Good luck!

In gmod13 garry is going to increase the number limit to 8000ish.

Who told you that? Got proof? As most people say its limited by the engine and GMOD13 is still using the same engine.

last i heard garry was getting his own version of the engine to modify as he pleased

Hopefully he does. Then that would solve the max 2048 entity problem. I guess we will just have to wait till September 24 to find out. :downs: