Too many edicts!


On my server, after a while I get this error message.

Not creating entity ‘Entity Name’ - too many edicts! (2032 current, 2048 max)

So I can not create entities

Will there there a command to push this limit?

I very much doubt it.
What are you doing to create 2032 active entities at any one time?

is simple, its 2032 is all entities: entity_blocker, player, prop_physics, gmod_ghost, physgun_beam …

It’s source’s limit, no, you can’t make it higher.

Just stop spamming props.

Just stop spamming props. lol,

recall that I am on my server, I’m not alone on it …

Lower the prop limit, nothing you can do about this error.

Constraints are entities too.


What do you think an entity is? Mostly entities are props, SENTs, NPCs, players, constraints(constraints being welds, axis, ballsockets, rope, etc), projectiles, I’m sure I’m leaving several things out, but surely you get the idea. All of these things add up. If you have a contraption with 1200 props and each of those props has 1 weld, well that’s another 1200 entities on top of your 1200 props. That makes 2400 entities and the game engine only support around 2000 entities.