Too many events in one map?

I have a problem I am making an RP map and i get lot’s of connection lag while playing it there are no Func_physbox’s nor anything that makes physics think
On net graph it says it is events, I looked it up and it means Temporary entities
What sort of entities need to create temporary ones?

And this has nothing to to with FPS i cant say this any more times!


How many outputs are you firing at these moments?

Use Net_Graph 3 and it will tell you what the colored lines mean.

I do have a lot of outputs but they are not being fired at the moment in question. And i looked at net_graph 4 and it said it was events that was doing it in.

Do you have any lights or sprites that use one of those flashing patterns?

Having a lot of long delays on your outputs can enormously decrease performance. Try using logic_timers for any output that has a delay longer than a few seconds.

Erm… Do you have proof of this “Long delays cause enormous performance decrease”?

Ok i have turned all of the lighting effects off and there is no more spikes of lag But there is still quite a high level of events going on (175 Out)

Never mind, this seems to have been fixed already. I never noticed because I haven’t used a lot of I/O for a while. It used to be better to have one entity per timer (logic_timer) rather than having one entity (func_button?) counting down multiple timers at once.