Too many flexed verts

Hello all !

I try to recompile a model of Fakefactory but the compile was aborted with this error:

ERROR: Too many flexed verts 10981 (10000)

The mdldecompiler_expressions.vta is very big: 7,22Mo

What can i do ?

Sounds like you model has too much of something for the compiler to handle, which are you using? Try a different one and see if it can do it (If your using StudioCompiler use StudioMDL and vice versa).

Same error ! Can i reduce the expression.vta ? Or split ?

I’m not sure how to open it, but i would have thought its possible, though surely you’d still have the same ammount of it just in more than one place.

Is this a faceposable ragdoll? If it is then you need to make sure that you move less than 10,000 vertices when doing the facial flexes, you may need to reduce the poly count on the head of the model or find a way of moving less of the vertices around when making them.

Yes he is faceposable but i dont create him ! It this a Fakefactory’s models and even with the FF_studiomdl that does not work :’(

Whats FF_studiomdl?

A FF_studiomdl from Master Chris and Thunder Skunk gave me.