Too Many Freeze [Chrome/Firefox/IE]

I have a problem: Every 20 seconds, the game will freeze for 5-10 seconds.
The areas in which I can find occasioning more or less freeze.
This problem is the same on Google Chrome, Mozilla and Internet Explorer!
I do not, however, a bad computer …
Here is my “DxDiag”
It will be may be useful to know my setup.


Must be because your french! j/k

Are you experiencing any freezes while watching streams/youtube stuff etc?

Not on Twitch or Youtube I met no problems…

Can you do me a favor for a second and go to and post the results here as it may be your internet speed.

Ping: 47 Download: 5.00Mo Upload: 0.80

Up ?

Up… I need issue please :frowning:

Check for CPU and GPU drivers.

Check what on my GPU/CPU ?
Check Driver Update or what ?

EDIT: GPU/CPU Check, but it’s same…

Yeah update I meant :v:

I check the updates, and it does nothing to change …

The freezes are a huge issue when trying to shoot someone… Every 2 seconds you get a small freeze spike and eventually the whole screen freezes meaning 100% death.