Too Many Guns - A Gun Game Gamemode (Suggest a Gun)

Ooh, what’s that?

Too Many Guns is a homage to all of the memorable and super-mega-awesome guns from all the games from the past forever. Basically, the idea is to take a ton of guns from all kinds of games, make SWEP’s out of them, and smash them all together into Gun Game. I plan on lengthy rounds and tons of guns.

Guns? And how!

Here’s a list of guns for the gamemode. An asterisk means they’re pretty much done, a tilda means they’re planned or being worked on.

// Pistols
007 Goldeneye: Golden Gun*
Call of Duty: World at War: Ray Gun*
Metal Gear Solid: Silenced Pistol*
// Shotguns
Doom: Super Shotgun*
Unreal Tournament: Flak Cannon (thanks to highvoltage and Hxrmn: ) *
// Automatics
Halo: Combat Evolved: Assault Rifle* (the model and ammo counter originally came from Blackops: )
// One-shot/Burst
Metroid Prime: Arm Cannon*
Quake 3: Railgun (thanks to Upset: )*
// Sniper
Counter-Strike: AWP*
Team Fortress 2: Stock Sniper (thanks to Suppercut: )*
// Explosives
// Final Melee

Is there a way I can help?

There’s a couple ways you can help:

  • I do need gun ideas, and I am discussing a lot of weapon choices in this thread, so simply being active and suggesting an awesome gun is super helpful.
  • If you want to help a coder out, I am totally up for SWEP donations. The TF2 Sniper was an end result of collaboration between me and Suppercut, and I’ve already got okays from people who are willing to donate weapons and code weapons.
  • I’m very flattered that people are already offering me server space and what not, but at this point in time I’m not interested. I also don’t need help with the gamemode itself.

What weapons are going to make the cut?

No idea, but here’s a few key points:

  • I’m generally only choosing one gun from each franchise, unless there’s a notable exception. I’m going to try to get the Half-Life Tau Cannon along with the Half-Life 2 Gravity Cannon because I feel like the games are separate and the weapons are notable enough to be put into the game. I’m also going to try and get the Ray Gun from Nazi Zombies and allow for another Call of Duty weapon because the two gametypes are pretty separate and have their own niche weapons.

The reason for this is I don’t want the player to be like, “AW YEAH, THE GOLDEN EYE GOLDEN GUN! OH, AND THE DOOM SHOTGUN! OH AND LOOK, THE HALF-LIFE 2 GRAVITY GUN. Oh, okay the Half-Life 2 SMG. Oh… and the Half-Life 2 crowbar… eh… uegeuhguh…”

I want the player to feel like every gun is a distinct point in a trip around the high-points of gaming. I don’t want very much back-tracking.

  • I don’t know why the first thing that comes to certain people’s minds are dildos, but no, I will not be including any. I’m cool with silliness but that’s going a bit too far.

Will there be a public or private release?

Public. Just promise you server owners out there won’t get all stupid with ~custom~ guns and ~donate-only~ weapons and forget what this gamemode is all about. It’s supposed to be Gun-Game with memorable guns - nothing more or less.

So where does that leave us?

Well, you can certainly post away. :3


something out of ballistic weapons mod, first thing I thought of.

maybe the HVCMK9 lightning cannon? [editline]edit[/editline] eh, maybe not. works too much like gravity gun. or supergrav…
hell that gives me an idea, use physics gun to fling players up, or just slam them against the wall

[editline]edit[/editline] or just ask the ut2k4 weapons dev already working on it for gmod for an unreal tournament 2004 weapon.

[editline]edit[/editline] saw your bat. what if it was randomized for each life?
portal gun – displacement cannon, but you already taken up tau so not sure.

[editline]edit[/editline] holy shit my edits are messy

Wabbajack from The Elder Scrolls. Turn enemies into sheep or explode them or some other random effect.

Master Sword from LoZ. Dunno how it’d work, but a classic weapon.

Halo M6D Pistol. Pretty easy. Overpowered headshots. Yeah.

Halo Energy Sword. Iconic, lunge-kill people.

Gears of War Lancer. More modern, but still pretty iconic. Not too difficult to implement.

Half-Life Crowbar. Obviously. As iconic as the Gravity Gun.

Perfect Dark Laptop Gun. Necessity. Also, the Farsight XR-20 might be neat.

Unreal Tournament Impact Hammer. Smash people to gibs.

Dead Space Plasma Cutter. Zap stuff.

Bioshock Plasmids. Could be interesting to throw some in, but they might not work out too well.

Fallout Fat Man. Self-explanatory, explosive stuff.

DOOM BFG. This has to be in there or it isn’t classic.

Contra Spread Gun. Would be interesting to reimagine, but it might work out, who knows?

GoldenEye Klobb, because fuck the Klobb. Also, the RC-P90.

Duke Nukem Shrink Ray. Shrink a dude and step on him.

The coolest thing about this sort of gametype is you don’t have to worry about overpowered weapons, since they’ll get one kill and be gone. You can toss in all sorts of classic, hugely overpowered weapons, and it’ll all be good. Neat idea.

Dual Pistols from original Tomb Raider and their “ability” for want of a better word is unlimited ammo?
Shock Rifle from UT would be pretty sweet, maybe Batarangs or the Apple Bazooka from Crash Bandicoot 3.

This game mode idea’s awesome.

Starting on the TF2 sniper:[/vid]

You guys have NO idea how hard it was assembling that sniper scope. I’m not even kidding. Valve made it as hard as it could possibly be. And yes, I’m going to cover up those open spots.

Also, I want those dual pistols from Tomb Raider in the game. Sadly, I can’t find a skin or model of it anywhere, and I’d have to resort to dualing CS:S Desert Eagles.

What gun do you guys want from Halo? I’ve heard demands for all kinds of things. I’ve also never played UT, so I don’t think I could do the game justice if I picked a weapon on my own.


^ Fixed the dot scaling, and added a pretty reminder of what weapon you’re on.

Epic win.

I hope there will be lotsa funny weapons but not too crappy to be hard to use.
I’m also learning lua and I’m learning SWEPs but you seem to do everything so fast. Are you using a base or something?

halo gun should be plasma pistol or rifle.
if you need help with coding this i’d be glad to help

I’m using a CS:S weapon base that a friend gave me. Unfortunately I have no idea who’s it is or who it belongs to, but I will ask later!

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I’m not looking for absolute direct help with the gamemode, but if you have SWEP’s you’re up for donating you can totally send them my way and I’ll put 'em in. (if they fit, that is)

i’ll see if i can do some for you this weekend

Silverballer(s) from the Hitman Series

tacticool nuke

Star wars sniper pistol

PROGRESS! Also, if any of you guys are aware of the Suppercut dude that’s been working on Metastrike, he helped with the TF2 sniper. By helped, I mean he took my scope and made everything else, which is pretty damn awesome. I’ll try to get a hold of the finished version tomorrow and code the charge meter for the HUD, but he made a daaaaaamn good job at resembling the Sniper’s stock sniper.

Sniper sniper sniper sniper.

Tomorrow, I plan on implementing player speeds with the guns, and I plan on making the Metal Gear Solid gun a little more… Metal Gear-ish.

DOOM pistol, pistol from wolfenstein 3d.

Halo’s one pistol is the first one that comes to mind for me, though the assault rifle is a staple of the series too.
on the other hand the plasma rifle is also pretty notable in the series and would make gameplay with them fairly different than yet another hitscan weapon.

Are you thinking of adding like the level you are on, i.e.

I also wonder how you made the HUD.

Well, I wonder how you made everything.

Perhaps a custom sound and/or effect when you level? and also you lose a level if knifed?