too many indices for index buffer. tell a programmer (59838>32768)

I know there have been posts about this in the past, however, this was a long time ago and I just wasn’t sure if anything else had been released about this.
However lots of players on my server are crashing because of this issue, apparently, it’s to do with decals and player-models.

These are the addons we have in the server:
(and of course the base pointshop items)

One of your custom models is probably too complex (too many tris) and is causing a crash when loaded or decal’d.

Okay thanks a bunch, I’ll take a look over them now.

In my experience it’s almost always decal related. I have two solutions:

First, and probably ideal:
Remove the models. Anything with an exceptionally high vertex count could be the culprit, usually models from modern, visually impressive games like Overwatch, DOOM, etc.
Should help client FPS too, since not many people bother with LODs

If you have to use the model:
Add $nodecal to related materials. Figure out what materials (VMT files ) are used by the model, open them in a text editor, and put $nocull “1” where the other parameters are on a new line. This will disable decals on the model, hopefully fixing the crashes.