"Too many indices in source"

“Too many indices in source” - this error appears when I’m trying to compile the model. What does that mean? Too much verticles/faces or what?

I’m trying to compile the model from Cinematic Mod 10. If Source doesn’t support HD models then how FakeFactory could compile it?

Didn’t FF compile his own version of studiomdl?

Hm, really it is.

But i think it’s not the polygons. I compiled very well a model which consist of ~19000 faces. But compiler doesn’t want to compile a model with ~9000 polygons.
So, anyone knows why is this error appears?

I don’t know why it helped, but i did these steps to solve problem.

  1. Select “Editable Mesh”
  2. Ctrl+A
  3. Click button “AutoSmooth”
  4. Pick modifier “Edit Normals”
  5. Ctrl+A
  6. Click button “Reset”
  7. Right mouse click on “Edit Normals” and choose “Collapse To”
  8. Export

So you ballsed up the normals and just changed which modifier type you were using… I think it’s just a fluke that it’s working.

I also think that FF has his own sort of studiomdl, which I wouldn’t mind having.