Too many indices to buffer

Having this problem on a server where it will randomly drop players with the error “Too many indices to buffer. . Tell a programmer.” I’ve done a lot of research, some say it’s caused by decals being in weird places and others say it’s playermodels.

I’ve tried to do everything I can with decals and the error is still happening.

I believe that a certain playermodel is causing these crashes and I’ve compiled a list of all the models.

If anyone has had this before and has any idea on how to fix it please comment ASAP. Thanks :slight_smile:

I’m having this issue on my server :confused: any help would be appreciated…

Remove and re-add them one by one. Or try to locate when the error started to occur and remove player models from there. That’s what I had to do.

In general, avoid playermodels over about 31k tris including most Overwatch/Batman AK/ACS playermodels.

I’ve removed Ezio and the timing out has stopped so far. Thanks for your help, greatly appreciated.