Too many indicies to bufffer.. tell a programer

Hey it’s me… and I’m angry this time. So I own 2 servers,
ApostasyGaming TTT
ApostasyGaming Prop Hunt

And they’re doing well, but there’s an occasional crash that is actually pretty often. Sometimes when we shoot eachother, players’ clients CRASH.
Is there a fix for this? It empties out my server and frustrates me and my players. Please…

  1. When does it occur? Exp: Hitting someone with a crowbar
  2. Do you have many addons? If you do then put them in a folder and try running the server without addons.
  3. If it is the addons then put the addons in 1 at a time till you see it crashing with the same message when you put a certain addon in.

Alright I’ll try this. But it’s hard to test since it happens very randomly.