Too Many lua errors kick

I am currently playing on this server today rage gaming which has wac m9k weapons sharpeye addons and maybe a few more that are not mentioned in the server description
My issue is [ERROR] lua/matproxy/player_color.lua:43: bad argument #2 to ‘SetVector’ (Vector expected, got no value) 1. SetVector - [C]:-1
2. bind - lua/matproxy/player_color.lua:43
3. unknown - lua/includes/modules/matproxy.lua:56

I keep getting kicked from the server once i die i do not know what the hell is causing the issue, the only thing remotely close is google reffering to darkrp which the server nor my client is running
does anyone know what addon/plugin or model causes this retarded issue.

it is a server side issue, report it to the community and show the error code

(you can’t fix it)

also you could ask them to add

sv_kickerrornum 0

thanks i see the server in question didnt have an admin on for quite awhile so i am unsure if it can be fixed readily

Well if YOU are getting the errors, than it’s not the server’s fault.
Try and redownload your addons.

Did that Also thats a very vauge answer as this is a specific error it would be nice if you could kindly tell me WHAT addon causes that problem so it can be rectified
instead of hurr re download the servers 27 addons kip ya when this issue does NOT occur on other servers ive played on.

I thought this was already fixed in Update 164?

Anyway, try replace the contents of garrysmod/lua/matproxy/player_color.lua with this.

unfortunately that directory you just described does not exist on thing in garrysmod/lua is entiites,includes,weapons and autorun all of which are empty folders

Oh, I thought it was YOUR server.

It’s the server’s fault. Nothing you can do.

… what?