Too many LUA - Errors

Hello People of this Forum,
My Problem is, when i try to connect to a Server, GMOD gives me a Error - Message “Disconnect: Too many LUA - Errors! Sorry!”
I dont know how i can fix that Problem, Google won’t give me usefull Content and for some reason i dont know i cant use the search function in this forum.
If somebody knows how to fix that problem, please help me

Thought about reinstalling the game?

Server owner needs to do sv_kickerrornum 0 or fix the errors.

sv_kickerrornum 0

It should be set to that, or at least a higher number, because I see no reason to kick the client if there is but a single lua error present. If you are constantly updating your server (being a good admin), lua errors are inevitable. Whatever you do, eventually you will run into one. Kicking everyone for it is very stupid.

Could also be a bad addon on client side, which I highly doubt but very possible.

If you’re really a good admin the acceptable level of errors should be none. You shouldn’t be causing your clients to have errors.

Then you would need not only to be an excellent admin, but also an excellent coder. Unfortunatley, I don’t see that combination quite often :confused:

Funny because 90% of servers with good, original gamemodes are managed by the person who also coded said gamemode.

Like Sassilization or GMod Tower.

I keep on getting this while connecting to vanilla servers with 0 addons :confused:

Problem is most of them lose interest in their servers and never go in them, unless you make a joint effort with the other players and admins to do a directed annoying attack, by spamming him until he can take it no more. :smiley:

In that case your server clients would not get the Bad Coder achievement :confused:

Whats the point of “too many lua errors”?! It is keeping me from joining servers just because I have cap installed!

I’m loling so hard that garry newman said that.

EDIT: Garry I’m getting this “No SteamUser” error and apparently I have to reinstall your shitty game now. You know, you really shouldn’t be causing your clients to have errors.

sv_kickerrornum 0
also works on my TF2 Server.

Thanks for reviving a half a year old thread -_-