Too many official servers

Last week rustified dev branch had 100+ players now it only has 5. Everyones spread out across all the other servers now making all the servers have less players.

… or last week people were excited to hop onto the development branch to check out the major terrain generation changes, and this week there’s not much to be excited by so therefore people have no reason/motivation to play on the development branch.

Nothing to do with how many official servers there are - the development branch is just that - a branch specific for development changes. If you want to play on an official server with 100+ players, then go to the live branch.

It’s the best server though because it has the latest updates… why would you want to play on an outdated server?

To avoid this whole thread in the first place. And outdated? ._.

Because experimental branches run the risk of being unstable or having severe bugs?

Post should be too many Official servers without admins :slight_smile: