Too many RP servers? (poll)

It seems to me that any time I sort by player count 90% of the servers are RP, and only lower down the player list where the player count drops severely do I find good servers to play on.

What’s your opinion, too much RP?

Not enough RP. Too much “RP” though, if that’s what you’re asking.

Edit: ffffff voted No by accident.

Too many empty ones…

Well I believe there are too many RP server over all, and Way to many DarkRP servers.

There are too many solely because either they don’t stay up for very long or they’re just bad.

If they were all actually RP and RP could actually happen (there’s constantly focus on somebody meta-gaming or powerplaying) then I wouldn’t say there are too many. People need to get their design right and THEN put the server up.

Everyone wants to get a piece of the pie. It’s a little frustrating in the end, because it means that there’s a million communities with five people in each with empty servers instead of less with full servers.

Not only to many but to many shit ones.

people are either all playing on one, or it’s empty.

I know this is a little of topic but can I get one or two Non-rp server ips. Like literally anything else besides rp.

Garry’s Mod is hyper-inflated with 5-second creations and 5-second communities, hardly anyone makes it, and the game is a shadow of it’s former self.

Too many?
Last time I checked, there were only RP Servers.

I mainly visit ‘RP’ servers now to stir something up, in all sorts of ways. I think I have around $50k on some server because I was able to steal a ton of money printers from people, in which I turned black market and started tossing weapons around for anyone to take.

RP would only ever take a step forward if you remove all these preset notions of what a system needs and start anew.

Not much “Roleplay” servers, too much servers that have RP in their name, and barely any roleplaying goes on in these.

There is a large amount of empty boring servers and a lack of servers that are fun, like seriously though RP is not even that great only a very few are good and that’s all Gmod has now is a bunch of RP servers with like 1 or 2 different servers that offer an interesting form of gameplay. Too bad sassilization is no longer around because that was fun, there were a lot of old fun gamemodes I think should be revived.

Most RP Servers are ‘Boom’ servers. They’re only are up for a few days before the owner disowns them, and gives it up for a sandbox the next day.

Too many darkrp

puts up flame shield
Im going to have to say no. Build/sandbox servers still populate a good half of garry’s mod.
And even so who gives a shit, it’s not like “OH MY GOD I CAN’T FIND A NORMAL SANDBOX SERVER BECAUSE OF THE RP”, if you can’t find one then your probably mentally retarded, cause the first server that pops up is usually build.
The other thing I find is funny is that practically half of the people that complain about DarkRP are just saying that because someone else said it. Same for the “Dark RP ruined gmod” it didn’t ruin shit, there is still tons of sandbox servers, and ZS servers, or whatever the hell you go on.

EDIT: On a side note we don’t need any MORE RP servers if thats what your saying.

Dark RP is attractive to 13 year old boys struggling with their angsty lives, they want to go on mad murder sprees against helpless bystanders but sadly they do not have access to guns in real life and can’t operate them. They choose the next best thing and play Dark RP where they can let out their inner problems by doing the said murder spree virtually.

So Dark RP is infecting Gmod communty trough attracting kids.

There are most certainly too many DarkRP servers. There are actually only a few actually good RP servers on GMod these days, so it all comes down to what you want to define RP as.
Roleplay - Character and story development.
DarkRP - Guns, money and kids yelling in their mics

Sadly, this is a fact. DarkRP has infested GMod, but believe it or not, some people like it. Especially kids.
See, some people don’t feel like spending hours of developing your character, they’d much rather just buy a bunch of guns and start a store with some friends. So DarkRP to me is not RP, nor will it ever be RP. They are two separate categories.

Make roleplay commands unaccessible* without reading the help menus first, remove the ability to start with dozens of weapons, make killing someone a noticeably punishable assault, et cetera.

*They’d always be there, but like /chat commands from older releases.