Too many small brushes won't show up in-game?

Hello. I’m here for my second mapping problem of the day.
I was wondering if there was a way to make the many small brushes (debris) to show up in-game. Everything is complied on normal. They just don’t seem to show up in-game.

Any ideas?

I think they are invalid brushes.
Press Alt+P to check

I fixed the errors there, but they still won’t show up in-game.

Use models. If not, make sure they’re func_detail’d otherwise VVIS is going to rip your face off.

Can you copy the debris to a new map and export the map to a .dwg file.
then I can make it a model real quick for you.

Copy them into a new map, save the vmf, open it with Crafty, export as .obj, import into a modelling program, export as smd, compile model, insert into Hammer.