Too many verts for a dynamic vertex buffer

Sorry i don’t really understand this massage, but in the end it says i should say it a programmer. And i think here is the best place to say it.
Error Massage:

I saw this massage after I joind a server and the game crashed

Please put up the VERTEX_BUFFER_SIZE

Sorry for the bad English

ive have this too, i need help with this, please help

Same here.

What i’ve noticed is, that this doesn’t appear, when fullbright is on.

Damn. :argh:

Play another map. From the wiki:
This is also problematic in Garry’s Mod. Several Garry’s Mod mappers don’t use VVIS when compiling, and as a result, the game crashes, and the engine asks you to change VERTEX_BUFFER_SIZE. --TheJ89 14:40, 24 Jul 2005 (PDT)

Solution: run VVIS. :wink: --Cargo Cult 14:46, 24 Jul 2005 (PDT)

I run VVIS EVERYTIME, when i compile my maps. :wink:

So… no one knows the solution for this problem? :frowning:

Running VVIS does not affect at all. :argh:


I were wondering… should we make a petition to valve, that they would actually increase the max. amount of vertex buffer?

It’s a bit annoying, when we need to start the maps from scratch, since we simply can’t get rid of the “too many verts for a dynamic vertex buffer” - crashing.

Who supports my idea?

You have too many dynamic vertices. These are points that make up entity brushes (like func_doors). In Hammer, most lines are dynamic vertices too. (like the leakfile), but the brushes aren’t (they don’t move in Hammer).

Tie as much of these entity-brushes to either world (de-entify them) or func_detail (the only, non-dynamic entity). don’t be confused with hl1: func_wall should not be used to optimize your map! Instead use func_detail. Proper optimization (with the use of vvis.exe) should reduce the times you see this error. According to, this can also be caused by a broken cache file. A Valve programmer mentiones on the Valve Wiki that this error should only happen on mods with errors in the code, but practice has learned otherwise. (so far for their coders abilities :stuck_out_tongue: ).

I have tied nice amount of entity-brushes ad func_detail and i am vvis-fanboy (i use it always.)

I also verify the game’s cache every time, before i start to use the game.

I’m running out of ideas.

ps. i’ve noticed, that i can get rid of the vertex buffer - crashing, when i enable fullbright-function while playing the crashing maps.

Aww man ! I dont want to use fullbright ! Damn ! Well, until Garry fixes it we will have to play in FB !