"Too much combine-cola?"

Sorta noob, but at least I can use the one of the skybox sections :smiley:


You can see the ground on the right and all the floating buildings.

Hang on, Breen is making statements again!? Need moar combine-cola.

EDIT: I can’t reshoot it since its a pain in teh ass, I also couldn’t care if the sky was on the ground, I would just lay off the drugs for a while…

I fucking lol’d at the original, dunno why.
Motivators are always suck imo

I approve of combine cola:v:

Maybe everyone loves to see Breen retarded cause he’s a fat prick lol :smiley:

Motivators can be fun if you know the meaning, just don’t feed it choccy bars or it starts teething :Z

Edit: Thanks for the approval, the combine almost knocked my balls off :smiley:

Actually…I think they just burned the cat for downloading porn…

Here’s a laydown of everything I think is wrong with your posts in this thread + the picture:

  1. You make too many little pointless comments that irritate us(and too many smileys for the Facepunch taste; go here for a list so you don’t get Dumb Box’d all the time)

  2. This is a shit pose that everyone is tired of seeing, despite you being a beginner. We’ve all seen the retard faces we make on ragdolls the first time we go through Garry’s Mod. I really don’t understand, do none of you not look at other threads and see the quality? At least try to think of something unique.

  3. Try spelling words correctly, don’t use ‘teh’ or ‘choccy’ or any other ‘cute spelling’ you think is funny. This isn’t 4chan. (Also, ‘addict’ is spelled wrong in your username)

  4. If you’re not getting the hint, nobody is understanding or laughing at your little ‘jokes’. Frankly, you’re just wasting your time trying to humor us; we’re a tough crowd

If that wasn’t too mean and didn’t scare you away, good. Here’s some real constructive criticism:

  1. The lighting is pretty bad on the picture, and there’s a lot of wasted space.
  2. Angle is awful, you can see through the map on the bottom right of the picture.
  3. Needs a lot of AA; you can see the rugged edges very easily.
  4. Demotivators do not make a picture funny; rather, they take away all the funny from it.

Take the pain, and learn & improve.

^ Am I a shitty poser? Do I make you guys irritated?

No, yours are actually pretty amusing; at least they’re not things we’ve done about 293131 times.

Sucks arse.
The only lolworthy thing in this thread is your dumbness.

Oh okay good :smile: