Too much hate - This thread is dedicated for praise

From what i’ve seen the forum is full of too much complaining!

Let’s dedicate this thread to changes that we like going from legacy to experimental.

First - the building system!
At times it can be glitchy, but I love how much more creative we can be with this new building system. The building system in legacy rust felt a lot less flexible.

I also really like the way you upgrade buildings now. It was frustrating pre-experimental in legacy where your options were either A: Build a full metal base or B: Build a full wood base. (Metal doors on both obviously). I like that I can develop my house over time and upgrade it without having to destroy walls or make a whole new base.

I really like the changes to the bow and arrow. Yeah, it takes a bit of time getting used to correcting for the drop in the arrow, but the old system was bad in a sense that people could download external crosshairs to get an unfair advantage where as now they actually have to calculate and put some thought into further range shots.

The addition of the spear is a nice touch to have something other than the axe for melee combat. Also like that you can use the hammer for a faster but less damaging melee attack to switch up depending on your situation.

Even though the key system is a bit hard to manage, I really like the current Tier 1 key system. I am aware that more types of locks will be added, and I feel that these locks are good for a startup home and i’m excited to be able to transition to new locks when they are released.

Last but not least - Procedurally generated maps! Need I say more? I hated how small legacy rust’s map was. Resource valley ended up being a murder zone for new starts and surviving elsewhere at the beginning of progression was just a painful experience.

What are you guys excited about? And also keep up the good work Garry and the team. This version of rust looks much more promising than legacy.

I personally can’t wait for the landmark system to finish up. Currently maps are a bit too spacious and it would be nice to have more focus points in which to build around. Being able to spawn different sized seeds would be really awesome too for the servers that can’t reliably hold 150 players all day.

I’m excited to see how they’re going to make the roads work. Gradual road development based on player movement sounds like it could create some really awesome road systems. I think it’s gonna lead to lot’s of coastal roads with so many people near the various lakes around the map.

I think user buildable roads to connect their houses and villages would be awesome.

I think what i currently there is great, and happy knowing more awesome shit is on the way.

What I really want to see is some more admin tools to come in so I can do more than just sitting there watching the console. When that day comes, there will be a lot of happy admins kicking about.

Keep up the good work FP