Too much lag for non gameing pc's

There needs to be more graphic settings and look distance
Becose i will like it to have the same frame rate as gmod 20 Fps Perp Gamemode City
At lest 20 Fps.
My Pc Spects
Intel B820 1.80GHz
3.00 GB
64-Bit op system
Win 7
Intel Hd Graphics.

of course it’s going to have lag it’s a *NON *gaming PC. What do you expect to happen?

that, and the integrated CPU killed you

There you have it. Besides, Rust is in alpha (beta?) stage, so it’s very likely to be not fully optimized.

I cant eving move it is so laggy

Have you tried launch options? Works great if you can deal with the glitches.

Well no shit, you are running a low-grade CPU, an even worse GPU (integrated, no less,) and you have a gig less than the minimum specs. This is your own damn fault, learn to read specs before you buy a game.

64-Bit op system
3gb ram

the irony

Here OP, I made this for you, took me 6 hours in paint.

Now quit complaining for your own mistakes. In case you can’t read this image, I will explain: 1.8GHz=/=2.0 or 3.0 and 3GB RAM=/=4 or 8 GB

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Yeah, I was just wondering that. Wouldn’t that mean he has 4 gigs and 1 gig is dedicated to the GPU? I don’t know much about computers, just the basics.

haha you need to upgrade because my computer is pretty terrible ( hd6770, fx-4100) and rust runs pretty well compared to other games

He’s using a laptop, you dummy. Look at those specs, no CPUs in a desktop run at that clock speed anymore, that’s laptop grade. Only thing OP would have a chance at upgrading is his RAM.