too much lag in-game, it's unplayable right now.

And this problem seems to be o every server, I’ve tried 3 so far with a player base ranging from 50 to 90 and a supposed ping of 50-80.

Anyone else?

Try my new server and bring your friends! Totally new and fresh save for my friends and I with some few randoms.


Hope to see you there

I’m a european, so that server would without a doubt lag even more most likely.

yep, i’ve tried so many servers, doesn’t matter which, if it’s wiped or full, wherever i go i get massive fps drops. and i havea gfx card good enough to run this game on.

I think it’s just a coding error or something. Whenever I get FPS drops I check console and it says something about rendering error

Kinda seems like a memory leak… Could be a optimization error for certain ram timings…