Too much lag on my server... Why ?!

My HL2RP community lag when I have 20 or more players… It’s too laggy… Players can’t play… I don’t know what I can do.

I play with Kuroscript HL2RP (I’m a customer, you can see my profile on

So, I have 3 ways…

  1. Is it the gamemode ? I don’t know… I will ask Conna…

  2. Is it the players ? How can they do to lag my server ? DOS/DDOS ?

  3. Is it my server configuration ? Well it’s very strange, look at the details of my server :

I have a dedicated server that you can see it’s configuration here : (FR) (UK English)

Look at the bandwith : 1Gbps…
Look at the server config… You can see that a server like this cannot lag !

Or… It’s Windows or my Firewall ?!

Please, I need your help, it’s very important, it’s the server of the first French HL2RP community.

PS : If my language is bad, it’s because I speak French and I live in Belgium.

Are your ports open ? 27000 to 27050 and 1200

Use that to setup rates

you may want more bandwidth

That’s only the amount of bandwidth the server supports - it’s not how much bandwidth YOU have.


I doubt that test is accurate for Gmod servers, considering the amount of moving contraptions and lua scripts running.