Too much private servers!!!

i can’t login to any private server cause it takes like 30 minutes to reduce the server menu lag enough to join a server.
Id like to now if anyone else has the same problem

Yes, use the consoles net.connect <IP> to join a server

yup but i dont now any server ip from the ones i want to join

Then use the in-game server browser. :v:

Much refers to mass or volume. Many refers to number. You should have said “too many” instead of “too much.”

Pat yourself on the back and consider yourself slightly more educated today.

thank you and i dont need a english lesson mate

Thank God this jackass got banned. He was such an asshole to everybody.

On topic: yeah, the in-game menus lag horrendously right now. When you find a server press F1 and its IP will be at the top of the console. You can save it and use net.connect (as said above) to connect easily.

He’s only been banned for a day. Warnings on FP are delivered by bans.

Ah, I see. Well, hopefully he will take the hint.