Too much radiation and not enough resources.

I can understand that the radiation is there in order to prevent us from exploring into the island too quickly and probably requires the use of a radiation suit to get further in, but at the moment less than 1 quarter of the island seems to be radiation free, thus forcing everyone into one small area.

Now, in this small area I’ve found that the resources only seem to spawn in one concentrated area, which is where everyone is building, where all the “I MUST KILL EVERYONE!” people seem to hang out and where it just becomes impossible as you get killed when ever you venture out into this area to gather.

The animals are the same, they just seem to congregate in one giant herd in one certain area, making it impossible to gather food as all the window licker “I MUST KILL EVERYONE!” players seem to congregate in this area.

I did a little experiment today. I spawned and immediatly sprinted off for the edge of the radiation zone. On my way there I saw no animals, I saw no resource nodes except for trees (and farming from trees is a chore in itself). So I followed the very edge of the radiation zone, constantly having to alter my route to avoid other players (who would just start chasing me as soon as they saw me, but I would just run into the rad zone which would scare them off) until I came full circle back to the coast.

No resources were found, no animals were sighted and no radiated towns with zombies were found. Everyone just seems to be focused into one little corner of the map. So everyone is forced to kill and maim each other.

My suggestion would be to roll back the radiation zone a bit. Increase the number of towns dotted around and add more animals and resource nodes around the map.

Actually the part where everyone has been spawning is not the whole island, you can travel along the coast line to get past the radiation fields to the other places.

Tried that and kept dying instantly for some reason.

Well if we had an actual ingame map I could mark where the radiation is at.

Well I took your advice and managed to get a fair distance in land. Only to hit a rad wall and was forced to move in land.

Once again, no resources or animals encountered.

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This beta is just unplayable as of now. How am I supposed to test out bugs if I can’t live long enough to test for bugs?

And there’s no point in running in land. No food so you’re just going to starve.

As I’ve said myself in another thread I posted I agree, more resources and more stuff spread out. However, the size of things is probably limited for technical and financial reasons as none of us are paying for the game so I am not too pushed on that front.

Same as commented above… however, I dont agree with it being unplayable. A few small tweeks and things would be much better and easier to test, have a bit of faith, throwing the toys out of the pram will get you no where

Radiation: Putting your DNA on scramble since 999999999999 B.C.

Wow, you give up way too fast. I’ve been able to live in many different areas faaar away from the spawn, just gotta know where you’re going. There are a few landmarks that help, one being the giant huge mountain that’s higher than any of the others. You get like 10 pieces of meat from each dear kill and less for pigs and chickens and stuff, there’s plenty of food. the only thing that should be stopping you are the random killers, just keep trying to run, eventually you should be able to find somewhere relatively safe, usually near the coast.

That’s all fine and dandy, but when you move away from the spawning area all the animals dissapear. They’re only located near the spawn from what I’ve seen. And I’ve spent hours scouring the country.

So as for “giving up too quickly”, not at all.

What do you mean? i wondered off a fair distance from spawn, and i found a place where animals spawn commonly, pigs and deer and a few chickens. haven’t encountered many players either…

You could always just hide in a porta-loo and hang a sign on it saying “No players heerz”. Hopefully you get that reference based on your Avatar.

I have a base setup on a radiation line because I know no one will attempt to go into the radiation.

I’ve done the same, there’s only a single tree where I am.

I predict that the first man to get a Radiation Suit will be the one that lives forever. (Or at least until l everyone else gets one.)

If the person is smart, he’ll leave and go to the other side of the map.

Radiation suits aren’t in yet, right?

They’re not, hopefully they’ll be added soon enough.

Or it will get into the hands of a herp-a-derp player who will think "I AM GOD ALL MIGHTY! BOW DOWN TO ME AXE CHOPPERS FOR YOU CANNO- hack slash stab stab death sounds’. Then everyone will fight for them and all hell will break loose.

Wouldn’t the suit be useless if it got slashed up and full of holes?

Some people would try anyway…