Too much unnecessary wiping

Why–why’s Helk doing this to us?

Joking aside, I’ve played since the release day on German 1, and it’s been wiped 2 times so far. I’ve heard another wipe (3rd) was issued on other servers but am not sure about German 1 for the last 2 days.
Anyway, I’ve spend lots of time crafting. I’ve made giant walls and the likes, only to have my stuff be removed due to a wipe.

I don’t play on German 1 anymore so that’s not the issue - and Helk has told me that I should expect wipes more often since it’s a developer server (honestly, one of the wipes were ridiculous - wiping because of the research kit change? Come on, we can do better) still think wipes need to occur a lot less. After all, for those who don’t login for a specific amount of time, will have their house disappear - this prevents database clogging, of course. I don’t see the need to wipe often on official servers, that’s my point.
Maybe once every 3 weeks or every month - fine by me, but not every week or so.

how about stop playing an official server. community servers are the best

It’s a dev server. It can and will be wiped because of a bug or change. Welcome to the alpha.

Stick to a non-dev server if you don’t want it to get wiped so often.

Best bet is to play on a community server. Another thing is (another excuse) it’s in alpha. A lot of times new content, new updates, and various issues might prompt a wipe. I’m sure once the release, wipes will happen a lot less.

game is in alpha
hackers duping items

asks developers not to wipe server so often

are you stupid? this game is in development, it’s not a finished, polished playable game, they could wipe every 2 days for all i care, especially now with cheaters spawning massive buildings, duping c4, and aimbotting

im sure every wipe they’ve done is justified, and once again, considering this game IS STILL IN DEVELOPMENT, this IS the developmental stage, we are along for the ride, why wouldn’t you expect frequent wipes with mechanics being changed, items tweaked, exploits fixed, and frankly at this stage of development, frequent wipes are (in my opinion) best for the playability of the game

i’m quite happy to lose all my guns, resources, blueprints, along with everyone else, i’ll just resume using a bow and hatchet, after 10 minutes back in the game tops

With the amount of duping that’s been done in the last week anyone against a wipe is an absolute retard… Use your fukin head man. As long as they fix the fukin dupe , WIPE !

My server needs a wipe bad. Australia has gone to shit. Wipe it please!

Are you incapable of reasoning? If people can dupe then SURELY a wipe means NOTHING. They can get everything back within a few minutes. The only ones it will do harm to are those who CANNOT use dupes, you God forsaken idi…

oh god

the reasonable thing to assume is that when they do it, they would couple it with countermeasures… haven’t they only wiped on updates in the past?

are you stupid?

and even if that wasnt the case, i would be glad to get rid of the massive hacked towers all over the maps, clear out old shit, and c4 stashes

Most of the time duping is not the reason for a server wipe. I’ve found servers wipe mostly after a minor update as of right now. But when it comes to the hacking, it’s not cool when they have everything they need and you don’t. I mean, I understand his complaint about wiping, but I also understand Back Stabbath’s point of view. Dupes are annoying. Hackers are annoying. It’s in alpha, it’ll get there.

I said after they fix the dupe. You are dense. Its like having a conversation with a rock.