Too quiet on the western front

spooky dooky do

Yesssssss, this is great. I love crossovers, and this image is all around visually pleasing.

Oh shit…and Motion trackers aren’t invented yet!

This is just perfect
I love it

cheers big boy

youre a good man

fantastic work

Cool, what pack are the soldiers from?

they are from Ninjas WW2 Germans pack:

I thought that was brilliant before I saw the Xeno.
Just fantastic.
Jesus imagine that. And you know those Pred arseholes won’t be far behind…

Would there have been a human truce to fight them?

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Agilor we need a series of these please
if you don’t mind!
Maybe an Omaha Beach one

xenos storming Omaha beach sounds pretty boss, so yeah, maybe i’ll do a series of these

Any reason it’s not widescreen?

the sides felt too empty so i decided to crop them

Would you go down the Predator route or keep Alien purity?

if i make more i’d probably go with Alien

It’s great, but doesn’t it look like the soldier is kind of tipping too far forward? Somehow gives me that illusion.

i don’t wan’t to sound super defensiv but i fail to see how the soldier is leaning too much forward.

or maybe i’m just blind and can’t see the obvious

It’s the point of convergence, hold on, what’s that term in art. Ok found it, it’s one point perspective, which is what’s happening in your pic but it’s as if the soldier and the rest of the image have two different one point perspectives

Here’s what I mean. Take this pic here.

All lines are going to that one point. In your pic it’s the alien, so the one point perspective is in the lower right kind of corner. The guard though, when you look at him, feels like the one point perspective is like slightly to the middle right in the image rather than the bottom right where the alien is. This kind of gives the feeling that the guard is somehow bending too much forward when you posed him in gmod since gmod itself is a 3d engine and it’s supposed to take care of all those irregularities when you do pics in 3d.

Am i making sense?

Wise. Besides, where would it stop? Dog and Ox aliens? The lady from AVP who became the Pred’s BFF? Danny Glover?

Yeah it makes more sense now. I can see what you mean.