Too RP Or Not To RP Is that the question?

Hey, Im new to facepunch, well not new, but new to posting, so I would appreciate “little” critisism.

Now the actual topic, RP is one of the funnest things I have done on GMod, I mean I love building shit, but I mean come on? It’s like playing “Sims” with real people on the other end getting pissed off cause you scammed there ass at a robbery. But this is whats really pathetic, these RP servers are run by 14 - 20 year olds, and they are supplying admin to 17 year olds for a donation?! Personally I think that admin shouldn’t have to be about money or anything like that, yeah I understand they need to pay for the server, but why isnt admin about whether the server owner and super admins actually like you enough to give you admin on the Goddamn server. Get this, I was in a RP the other day, and a guy who admitted to playing in that server more than 72 hours of his life, was STILL required to deposit a $20 ( £13 ) donation for christ sake! I honestly think this is pathetic.

What are your thought’s?

Most severs supply V.I.P for donations
Most servers hire admin if they’re good whether they pay or not
Servers aren’t free
Play lite/serious servers, less of that shit goes on. =3

Sorry that stood out for me, most fun. I’m a bit of a grammar nazi.

Anyway, it can’t hurt to try new things in garry’s mod. I highly recommend you try each of the three main flavors of rp available lite rp, serious rp, and rpg. For lite rp, I would go with anything dark rp related. For Serious roleplay, I would find TacoScript or Kuroscript (if it’s still around). And for an rpg, I guess underdone, if you can find a server that’s hosting it.

Myself, I’ve done at least six months of serious roleplay back at kuromeku’s republic and now believe it a pile of rubbish. If I had to suggest a fun gamemode that never gets boring, I would suggest dark rp. Just my opinion.

Depends on which server is hosting the dark rp though. =3

I like serious roleplay because I tend to be more of an uptight, “serious” person, honestly. If you prefer a more laid-back experience I’d go for DarkRP.

Thats what you get for playing on all the crappy DarkRP servers ran by 12 year olds who stole their mom’s credit card and think their cool.

Well based on how you SCAMMED them, isn’t cool they should have the right to be a little pissed off.

You’re not really criticizing RP, but rather the servers.

Also, ‘playing Sims with people’? Uh oh.

Heh, I couldn’t really put it any other way, apart from making myself sound like a fat nerd.

Your portraying a character through pixels.


/me pushes up his glasses and adjusts his suspenders

Yeah. I know. But I seem to have found myself a new RP server its called The Ravens RP. Looks pretty promising, well it must be to have a content pack as 1.18G. But yeah, you have to apply to get in, and you have to apply to be admin, not whether you donate, its if you fit the role as an administrator. If you want I’ll post a link to there site, but they have a thread in Roleplay stating " Looking for administrators 15+" or something like that.

Ravens… I always wanted to play that server but never got around to applying, it’s quite serious, good luck. =3

Heh. I got accepted as a member and denied as an admin because apparently I may suffer emotional distress a my parents have broke up so I was like What…The…Fuck.

That’s the most ridiculous deny I’ve ever seen…

well that sucks…

Iknowright. But if I get denied deal with it y’know.

Wow. I always kill topics.

Agreed that RP is one of the most fun aspects of GMod.

The vast majority unfortunately cosists of the “DarkRP servers ran by (immature) 14-20 year olds who hand out admins for donations” that are generally more than extremely unoriginal, the smaller portion are mostly HL2RP or CityRP or similiar and the minority of servers have original and innovative ideas that rarely see daylight, mostly due to developing team just abandoning the project.

Listen, everytime people say I need a good RP or heres a good one, try this; it’s the best roleplay server I’ve been on and it’s anti minge.

Seems interesting enough.