Tool box help please

Ok guys can someone please explain the toolbox system becuase im not sure … i know that

The first toolcupboard you make is the main one
you need other tool boxes in large house to spread your safty zone

what i dont really understand

If I put a toolcupboard on the top floor lets say floor 4 and also a toolbox on floor 1 and 3

if my toolcupboard on 4th floor stays autherised at all times,and floor 1 and 3 both are also turned to autherised

what happens if someone breaks in your house and get to the floor 1 or 3rd floor toolbox that is autherised by you …can they build ?

what are the rules for multiple tool boxes,…are you supposed to de-autherise the main tool box when not building?

thx for any help

its Cupboard not tool box and you really only need one

If you want a secure/pain in the ass base to raid you better put up more than one.

thx to both but really? no more help than that

anyone else