Tool Cabinet bug or hack?

My Admins and I do not raid, but we hunt, collect resources and loot. We use everything we collect to create and stock bases for our players to raid. That way, we can still play and our raiders can have a challenge.

Anyway, I noticed one of the buildings I made had a attempted break in this morning. Someone had blown into the bottom floor, but were unable to find the way to the second floor and gave up. I noticed a twig foundation step where they blew the wall out to get up into the base and thought that was strange. I did a /owner on the steps and it was something one of our top raiders had placed there. All the cabinets are on the third floor (Modded) and no one had even made it that far yet…but, this guy was authorized on every single cabinet. He doesn’t speak English well, so the language barrier made it really hard to ask him about this. I built this alone and no one else had authorization on my cabinets.

I’m really wondering how this could happen. Has there been any other reports of this happening?

Have you checked the integrity/ownership of building parts surrounding the third floor? It’s possible that he simply maded it up there and replaced whatever it was that he used to get in there? I’ve seen people do it in the past to make inhabited bases easier to raid in the future (i.e raiding once, making it seem like it wasn’t raided, easy access when the residents have advanced in the game).

Yes, I did check the ownership of walls around the cupboards and they were all walls I placed. To get to the third floor, it would have taken over 200 C4 to blast thru the catacombed two floors of this huge base to find the one ladder hatch on each floor…(floors are indestructible) then some to find all the cupboards on the third floor. He would have had to replace tons of walls and put everything back the way it was (ladder hatches and code locks). Why not go the little bit farther and raid the whole base?

I really hate to think this guy who has been playing on my server for a year has been using hacks.

He may have used the code lock hack before they changed it so he new the codes , someone else may have attempted the break in and failed, or he made it look like a break in