Tool Cupbaords

I find the new system is absolutely crazy that we can’t destroy walls that we put up in our own house, unless we spend hours taking it down with a hatchet… That’s crazy. I also understand that you guys are trying to get away from the raiding were nothing is left of someones house. I get that as well.

The solution to this is to make the tool cupboard UNbreakable. That’s right. UN-breakable. Unless the floor below it is removed by the person who has the code lock to the tool cupboard! Problem solved. Please put tool cupboards back the way they were. Make them unbreakable and put a code lock on them! PLEASE!

This option here makes the loot the objective and not the tool cupboards. Atleast when the raiders are done the people still own most of their home and still have building rights on their land.

Right now guys that build in water can’t remove walls at all seeing as we can’t swing hammers under water. We need to respect the fact that guys build where they think it’s safest. I don’t knock guys that build on rocks or on top of mountains or where ever. So why mess with guys that build in water? We already have to eat 2 steaks to put down one foundation.

If not, post what you think should be done…

Agree on the code lock. Disagree on cupboards being indestructible. They shouldn’t be easy to destroy, but shouldn’t be invulnerable either.

Build your design in twigs first, it can easily be removed.

It wouldn’t be completely invulnerable tho, if removing the floor below it would kill it. (this would get away from people destroying your cupboard with 2 hatchets and building a new one just to destroy your whole house)

As for “Build your design in twigs first, it can easily be removed.” No it can’t under water. Also, if you build on land and you want to expand what do you do? Build the first part of your house with 10 doors so you have options? lol. I don’t build 1x1 shacks and If I see them in the servers I play in, I wall them in now so they can bitch about it too. You need to play on more populated servers. Cuz a twig hut on the ground is demod by the first guy that sees it that has a rock. :confused:

Like he said. build in twigs first don’t over do the size, plan ahead.

I start with a simple 2x2 if I’m using square foundations or if I’m using triangle foundations i build the hexagon shape, this is just to get started and have a place for my sleeping bag, cupboard, furnace, campfire and storage boxes. In one corner i put a square block to reserve that space for stairs for the next floor and the ceiling above it is left as twig.
Then i upgrade it all to stone in one hit or in partial stages, floors, walls then ceiling and then eventually metal.
Once that’s achieved i then expand outwards but only one foundation out, i then upgrade all that to metal.
Having done that i then expand upwards but only if i have all the necessary upgrade amount for the entire new section.
I only put in one door. This first door generally has what is called an Air Lock, which is basically a 1x1 section built in front of the door leading to another door. This is a good security measure.

The trick is “K.I.S.S”, Keep It Simple Stupid, most Newmans and shitty builders make the same mistake of trying to take on too much in one hit and right when they start.

Option 1:
Remove tool cupboards. Whoever placed the foundation owns the building and is the only one that can remove parts connected to the foundation. Anyone one can build, but only the owner can remove.

Option 2:
Never mind, just do option 1.

This is how most ‘remove’ mods work in legacy, and the biggest issue is that houses can’t be taken over because the original owner could just come in and remove your walls.

Unless they made it so that you could transfer ownership of the foundation like the way they want to transfer ownership of the sleeping bags, you would have to be steam friends to be able to do it though.

Raiders are such cry babys

I’ve never utilized taking ownership of someone’s house. I just tear it down.

Your right, or the cupboards would have been left alone.

as for the other two people that think they know how to build. You guys build on rocks huh? I can tell you don’t build in water.

No, I mean, you can’t forcibly take over someone’s house. Abandoned houses would stay abandoned. You could never be sure that the original owner wouldn’t come along and ‘remove’ your walls. You also couldn’t remove your own walls since you didn’t own the foundations. Some people would even put up fake partial houses to trick people into moving in.

That’s the issue with relying on ‘he who places the foundation owns the house.’ I actually like the general idea of the cupboard. It takes the place of protection foundations and indestructible roofs from legacy as the way to protect your house, and not allowing foundations to be place closed to each other would ruin the flexibility of building in new rust.

Is also another reason this tool cupboard is now an issue. The guys that get their house tore down cried to much.

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Last night we raided a bunch of houses, cleared the tool cupboard and build stone walls around them, the sleeping bags and all exits. Now what do you do about that? Time to rebuild! Did that solve anything? I’ll keep doing this till it becomes an issue as well.

Tearing down a wall takes time. Bno matter who build the wall! Thats life, dont build walls you may not want later on

I really hope someone walls you in too. The raiders can say the same to you when your crying behind a wall.

You have completely undermined the entire idea of the cupboard in the first place with this idea.

What you don’t seem to get is they are trying to allow other players to annex someone else’s property. Your assumption is the only reason to raid a place if for the stuff, but what if I want the house? The location?

The entire reason behind the cupboard was they wanted a way of establishing ownership to prevent griefing. Unfortunately, the demolish feature only made matters worse.

And just how arevthey going to wall me in. Cupboards still stop people from building in your area, you just cant demolish anything instantly anymore. I see nothing wrong with the ha ge personally. Raiders havig to do next to nothng and demolishing your entire base is impossible now. Now they have to work for their loot! What a concept. But the toxic community that is rust will find fault with everything

And by removing the demolish, they’ve given griefers a completely new tool by allowing them to wall in people / houses completely and there’s nothing the owner can do to get out but kill themselves and start over, while their old structure is still standing. Not much of an improvement, IMO.

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If they can get into your base, in some cases they can get to your cupboard and destroy it then wall you in. It’s been happening everywhere since yesterday.

How can you be complaining about this?! With the new tier systems & the ability not to demolish anymore… You have a 50HP wall standing in front of you… SMASH the god damn wall a couple of times and your problem is solved!!

Think before you build, perhaps some of your concerns or issues might be solved even before they got established.

Again, think before you post. This isn’t for you land lovers that think cuz they built a double walled base your safe. This is all about the people who built in water that can’t swing a hammer to destroy a wall. Shit some of you people are on one level of thought.