Tool Cupboard Changes

Holy crap.

Wait what? What possible purpose does that serve?

Another one of those useless tweaks that appease 50% of people and completely feck up the other 50% gaming experience meh…

i see it as weaning us off the damn thing. and about time too.

it also means you only need to target/protect one cupboard, instead of using the “i’ll just spam cupboards all over the house” method.

It also means you can’t cover huge areas of your base because no overlap is allowed. Meaning no protection for those parts of the base, or even removing/demolishing those parts of the building once you start construction.

honestly, who needs a base that big;) it was never intended as a way to protect your house from raiding, just having crap built in it. and there are ways to give yourself protection without an overlap, use a 4 point or 3 point formation, since all you need to do is cover the outside edges of the base really.

anyway, refer to my first point; i think it’s weaning us off the tc.

I’ve had more fun playing as a guerrilla warrior with lots of small 1x2 or 1x3 bases scattered in every nook & cranny than I have building and protecting a gigantic 20-story mega-ultra-hyper-base.

If it’s just to allow building privellage and not be part of base defence why doesn’t he just make it an go up to infinity and be like a 5x5 would be a lot less hassle.

Bring on the hate posts when it goes live.

This is a good thing for once

This basically means that it’s better to build a smaller base.

you sound pretty smart!

If you read the tweet again, you will see that it DOES NOT PREVENT ZONE OVERLAP. Its entirely possible to draw two overlapping circles, that do not have their centres contained in each other. You will still be able to build large bases with no tool coverage gaps.

found on reddit

Well, good luck getting your tool cupboards placed *that *accurately, but it nicely illustrates the point.

And another favor for the big clans. Back to legacy thank you.

In any situation where there are scare resources, individuals that organize themselves in to groups will be more successful - they’ll benefit from specialization, economies of scale, and mutual protection. Its a pretty decent strategy that underpins pretty much all human achievement.

Every change made to the game seems to be spun in to some perceived handicap aimed at punishing solo players. My advice: learn how to make some friends!

But if you imagine a circle being your tool cupboard radius and you place another cupboard a little outside the circle the circle of the new tool cupboard will still overlap with the original circle.

You know the best way to wean people off of the shitty stopgap features you decided to force them to rely on for almost a year? Provide a viable alternative. Provide legitimate defensive measures to be incorporated into walls and roofs to prevent easy access through stairs and ladders.

This update has a lot of subtractions. So… what was added?

They need proper traps like in “out of reach” trip wires and xbows pointed at doors and down hallways. Bolder drop traps from above attached to a preasure plate etc etc. And yes the trap should be Insta kill