Tool Cupboard Demolish Idea

So I see lots of people have been complaining that the demolish feature has been removed. I also have mixed feelings about it, I’m glad that raiders cant demolish my whole base, but its also really hard to remodel your house. I think that to solve this problem, there needs to be cupboard ownership. So who ever places down the cupboard owns it. The owner can add people too the cupboard, this way you can add your friends to be able to build in your base, but other people who break in cant just authorize themselves. However there is one problem, someone who breaks in can just break the tool cupboard, place a new one, and destroy your whole house. To solve this I think that you should be able to upgrade a tool cupboard with the hammer, just like you can any other building block. So when you place down a tool cupboard it will be wooden, and have like 1000HP. You can upgrade it too stone, scrap metal, and reinforced metal, using the hammer. This will not only make it much harder to destroy the toolcuboard, but it might also increase the range of the tool cupboard. However the range should not be too large otherwise it would be kinda OP. You should also be able to self destruct your tool cupboard, but ONLY if you are the owner. It would also be nice if the tool cupboard gave more information like its range and you should also be able to name tool cupboards, and see which other tool cupboards are overriding your tool cupboard.

This is just my opinion, leave your opinion below.

The entire reason behind the tool cupboard was to prove ownership. To prevent greifing by preventing people from building onto your base.

They also wanted to leave it open for others to take over a base. By clearing the authorization and adding yourself you could annex an entire home. However, this just led to a new type of greifing.

So the issue with the cupboard isn’t that they gain access, it is specifically the demolish feature.

Try to think of new ways to implement demolish that doesn’t undermine the idea that someone can steal your home.

You can still take over someone else’s base by destroying a persons tool cupboard, though it might take a while (unless you have c4). But yeah, it still doesn’t really solve the problem of someone destroying your whole base, but at-least it makes it harder. I think its still better than the system we have now, though it doesn’t completely solve the problem, its more of a compromise.

Oh, i’m not sure if Garry is going to add this, but hitmarkers would be nice. I always like does hitmarkers when i would headshot someone