Tool Cupboard made of high quality metal or metal

Hello, I propose to make some changes to the game that in my opinion will delay players solo in this beautiful game longer.
I believe it is necessary to add the ability to upgrade the Tool Cupboard to high quality metal or metal
But in order to maintain a balance, I also think some restrictions are needed, namely:

  1. One player is authorized - the ability to improve the strength of the cabinet to high quality metal (2000HP or at your discretion)
  2. Two players authorized - the ability to upgrade only to metal (1000HP or at your discretion)
  3. If 3 or more players are authorized, the cabinet cannot be upgraded.
    In this situation, the clans will be more loyal to newcomers, since not everyone decides to blow up 2000hp in order to take 150 bones from the Tool Cupboard) and ruin the house, and it will not be difficult for a newcomer to put new doors and save the house even if everything has already been taken from it, because for for many, the house is the main thing, and after it is destroyed, people leave the game until the next wipe or to another server

Hello :wink:

Very good and SMART idea of PREVENTING the DECAY process of bases.

While I NEVER have only 150 bones in my CUPBOARD, :slight_smile: I think that this could change A LOT the way RAIDS are made.

The only MISS is that if you have a HQM or a METAL FRAG CB you have that kind of RESOURCES inside, same as if you have a WALLS of HQM 100% you have some HQM inside.

But YEAH, the 2K Cupboard is a NICE challenge even for a clan :wink:

Hope that this SUGGESTOIN passes, sounds PROMISING :wink:

Have a NICE RUSTY LIFE :wink: