Tool Cupboard Not Working

Wondering if anyone knows what I am doing wrong. I place a tool cupboard on the second floor on all four corners to cover the base as much as possible. I go to one of the corners outside and it doesnt show building privileges at all but all the others work? Tried destroying and building a new one, placing another in another area similiar to that one corner and it just does not recognize it. Anyone have an idea what is wrong?

Cupboards don’t cover the areas below them since the devblog two weeks ago. Only upwards :slight_smile:

Oh well that sucks, thank you for the quick reply

You’re welcome :slight_smile:
It balances the fact that ladders no longer bypass building privilege. So, hide your bottom floor cupboards well, same for each floor, or raiders will be able to go up with no problem.

well if it extends upwards you wouldn’t need a cupboard on each floor would you? Maybe like the bottom and then the 3rd?

They still operate as master / slave if their radii overlap, so having more on a floor, or on multiple floors have the same effect… just going up instead of up and down.

Makes more of a challenge when building.

Garry also mentioned maybe not allowing more than one TC in a build radius.

That would be… Incredibly gamebreaking.
The TC would HAVE to be on the bottom floor (otherwise it is useless) and would give building privilege to the whole house, and imagine on modded servers… Huge ass house. One cupboard because of the limit. Have access to it, remove the whole base, profit.
Yeah, I know modded servers are NOT the dev’s priority. But there are as many players (or even more) on modded than on vanilla servers, and it would make them desert the game.

Some modded servers already changed the TC coverage back to a sphere, so I’m sure if Garry changed the TC to only limit one per radius, there would be a mod to change it back.

And it wouldn’t be game breaking, you’d just have to adapt.