Tool cupboard range nerf?

Seems I run away from my cupboard about 5 feet and the privilege goes away…

Players are reporting the same thing on my server as well.

Well it says in the changelog Tool Cupboard Building Zone Shape, has been changed. So…I dont think the range goes downward as it did before. Seems to be only along a flat plain the privilege goes farther out.

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So basically…your tool cupboard has to be on the bottom floor for it to have the most effective range outside your base…and tool cupboards placed on upper floors of your house…will not have its range effecting floors underneath it…Thats what it seems like.

If this is accurate this makes sense when you consider it hand in hand with the ladder changes as well.

So all anyone has to do now is find your cupboards on the bottom floor because…thats the only place u can have them be effective. and in modded servers they will just remove your base 100x easier now. Pretty shitty change if you ask me.

Not if the owner has cupboards placed inside on higher floors

No because the cupboard effective range no longer goes downward.

Which means you need one on every floor.

And the first you placed overrides all other cupboards.

Only if their radii overlap. It would seem they don’t anymore.

So don’t put your first one on the first floor.

WTF with this update. Now all the houses located on a high foundation or hills are free to raid.
The most stupid decision

Could someone explain what “Changed cupboard building zone shape” exactly means, please?

I think this is a bigger change than the ladders. since you now have to have your main cupboard on the first floor, instead of higher up in a safer spot.

When we build among mountains even smallest elevations that are downwards disables building privilages and people keep building raid towers to get through external walls. Good thing we have the next update for the upcoming week so they can widen the vertical radius a little bit. If people can pass through huge external walls with 500 wood what is the point of building them anyway?

I tested it and you just go down one level and the privilege is gone… I hope this is a mistake and will be corrected, or this is a lot of trouble for griefing, I can boost up with a friend to your second level and lock your upper entrance by building there. Plus I can build a cupboard there and lock it, so you cannot build anymore at that level…

Ya I agree with @Icelord and what he says should be interesting.

Armoured cubes on flat ground is all we will see now

i hope they change this

I hope people will stop being silly about this and build better.