Tool Cupboard

Question to the people who think its a good idea:
How will you feel when C4 is back in the game and then someone gets to your cupboard room?

Griefing in Legacy was worst when you capped someones floor (Because you can’t c4 a ceiling). You counter that by building multiple stair wells or building up on your house and blowing out a wall.
Griefing in the new version when C4 has arrived will be way worse… Your whole house will be de-spawned…

With the old version you were forced to learn, yes most of the time it was the hard way. But regardless, that learning curve was a BIG part of Rust. Actually having to evolve your thinking and begin to make smarter choices in house building.

I’m not saying the old version was perfect but imo it’s 100% better than the current version. This pie wheel thing is straight out of a cartoon. Garry is posting pictures of a post apocalyptic world and says he has these ideas for a dirty overturned world, then why are we getting a maple story pie wheel for building. Why does everything look like a tropical vacation, except the mountains, they look like Switzerland, lame, peaceful and not eerie at all.

We should have some sort of work station, we should have to craft the pieces of our house (or at least some sort of skeleton) and then have to put it where we want.

I like the cupboard, and just as I learned to build so I could thwart C4 raiders, I will learn to strategically place my cupboard.

I agree the landscape is kinda sucky, which is why FP is addressing the issue.

Plus lots more stuff coming if you watch the Trello and twitter updates.

The Cupboard is a very flawed item. IMO it’s the #1 problem Rust has right now. Yes, you can grief people’s bases when you reach it BUT those are only the players who are new to Rust. Once you learn how to build with the cupboard you will be unraidable. Thus we have this huge % of Rust players saying “I love the cupboard. Don’t change it! You just want to grief other players!” These players obviously played little to no Legacy.

The Cupboard needs to be changed. Here is my suggestion that I’ve posted many times before. Get ready for the freak out from CB lovers.

-Cupboard is changed to a destroy only tool.
-New users added to the cupboard after the original owner must wait 24 hours to access destroy option.
-I just realized people will destroy your CB, make a new one and destroy your base.
-NVM just remove the stupid thing from the game.

And for those of you not in the “know” of how to be unraidable – put your cupboard on the 3rd floor or above, preferably sealed in a 1x1 box and whenever you leave or log off then destroy stairs on bottom levels. Bingo unraidable. And Rust is now broken, congratulations

If you have C4 and raid a base then you’re in. They have access to more or less everything. I don’t know about you, but raiders in Legacy would level my base with C4. They’ll do the same in Experimental. There’s no way around this unless you simply remove C4 from the equation. For me I’ve had no issue with the Cupboards what so ever, I think they work great. I’ve been playing since Rust Legacy first popped up on Steam day one, and I’ll tell you it’s a welcomed change to have a little more security. Simply put, if you’re having your tool cupboard accessed you’re putting it in an awful spot. I put my behind layers and layers of stone walls. I’m not even saying what floor it’s on either and that it may be behind a few false walls. Yes it can still be found, but it’ll be a bitch to find.

Also what’s with the bitching of the look? We aren’t at ground zero of some nuclear war like in Fallout. This is years, possibly even hundreds of years past whatever event did happen. By then nature has taken over again. Reason why you see grassy fields and clear skies. I’m sure they’ll add some nifty weather effects down the line, but that’s in the future.

What’s wrong with the wheel? Your complaint on this is literally the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. It’s called functionality over design. You wanna go through menus and select multiple options to get a door, or do you want to make that a 1 second thing? It’s clean, efficient, and works like a charm. What you want FP to slap on a grunge style to the wheel and you’ll be happy? That’s fucking moronic.

Cupboards don’t make bases unraidable. Go get a friend or two and you can chop through walls easily. I’m sure they’ll add other raiding tools as well such as ladders or something.

Ok, so you and your friends chop though the walls of the first level of my base. Great job. Now what? There are no stairs up and ladders are not in the game. How do you raid me?

They topple your entire house until the cupboard is gone.

That happened to me last night (I think). Hours of work lost by a couple guys taping their mouse button down.

The cupboard is almost worse than not having anything at all. It gives raiders a magic radar (raid-dar?) that tells them they haven’t yet got to the most secure part of the house yet.

I agree with those who’ve said it should be remove only rather than a build ‘force field’. Also, let it be locked with the code lock like the chests so raiders only option is to destroy it rather than use it. I would rather raiders leave my house in tact after finding my goodies than have them completely dismantle my house.

On the server I play on, the admins clean up ‘abandoned houses’, and there’s no way of knowing if an admin accidentally removed your house, raiders used your cupboard, or if a bug made your house disappear.

Or since the game isn’t finished I find other things to do until they add ladders or whatever. Raiding is fun but Rust isn’t a raiding simulator.

Raiding is a big part of the game. Maybe not for you but Christianity isn’t for everyone either. Your idea of the game may not be every ones.

I LIKE this idea of a FORCE FIELD. Perhaps any specialty wall YOU build would keep the force field intact and the raiders have to take down all specialty walls to be able to build or grief. They can still break in just not take building control. The specialty walls should be costly to build.

raiding is only a “big part of the game” because there is currently nothing else to do in legacy, and experimental is behind legacy in terms of functionality. it doesn’t make it the only thing rust can be. besides which, if everyone only raids, the buildings will reduce to 1x1 sheds with nothing in them because there are no builders, and the raiders have no need for anything bigger.

at that time, you may as well remove all the survival elements and just have another generic FPS. so IMO, this “it’s just a raiding game” mentality is actually pretty damaging.

I said ‘Raiding is a big part of the game’ - you even quoted me saying THAT. Not saying ‘It’s just a raiding game’ - I am a HUGE supporter of it being something bigger than that and in many ways it’s a big social experiment.

Please don’t assume that if I say 1 thing I mean something 250% different from the thing I said.

Just as your idea that raiding is a big part of the game isn’t every one’s either. If don’t want dissenting opinions then don’t ask people what they think. My opinion is that the cupboards are fine. Sure they can be tweaked, but I’m okay with the way they are for now.

not presuming anything about you, just clarifying for the sake of those who think it’s the only thing in rust. to be fair, what you have said gives the impression that you are one of those people, but i’ll happily give the benefit of the doubt;)