tool cupboards not working

so i found on the server iam on some of my tool cuboards only block from 1 metre away is this a new thing in rust


You gotta place the cupboard on groundfloor because it doesnt block under it anymore.

Cupboards need to be on every floor now.

dam this isn’t good i play on moded servers like alot of people all you have to do is take the bottom floor put you own tool cupboard and type /remove smash the bottom floor base gone no need to attack the top floor 5 tier base gone don’t get why they did this

Cuz devs are retarded.

Kind of hard for the mods to balance the game around non core gameplay elements like third party remove options, don’t you think?

dont worry ive watch someone walk a couple feet away from my base where the cupboard was and dropped theirs an now i cant build in my base but he can build in mine. fun hun