Tool cupboards placed inside rocks

Hi, some douchebag and/or hacker has decided to play a tool cupboard inside a rock wall in a cave and makes it impossible to build in there, basically ruining the cave. I dont think aoe dmg from explosions shot at the rock wall even hurt the thing, is there a way to destroy it? or Can admin remove it? seems broken and shouldnt even be there.

Facepunch Texas II

What admins are you trying to contact through these forums? You do realize that this is a server-specific issue, right?

Facepunch texas II, and im still curious if you can even hurt it, or if its invincible like how twig bases inside bushes used to be

as far as i know c4 splash damage would still affect it inside a rock. not really a big issue though, just build somewhere else.

Tried, didnt work.

If someone has a TC in the rock you may find he also has a base in there. I think building in rocks was supposed to be fixed a couple of patches back but is still partly possible.

There is no base, complete empty cave, either it was a hacker that got banned, or someone squeezed a tool cupboard in there just to be a dick and prevent anyone from using the cave, ever.

You would need to get inside the rock (not the cave) to see. You’d need to either be an admin or use a glitch to see that there was nothing there.

Well if you crouch along the low parts of the cave, you can stick your head through the rocks and barely manage to see inside them, which is how i found the tool cupboard just sitting there, nothing else… Waiting for that server wipe…

They built a house under the map. Here how its done. 1. build a door near the cave wall and open the door, it will push you through the wall. 2. Then you can walk there a bit, and build a foundation on the outside, which is under the map. You can build a whole base under the map, cupboard , whatever. 3. those base are almost unraidable, except from other people who are also under the map, probably using another cave as a point of entry.

I was playing under the map as i was trying to destroy a wall around radtown. I learned that the wallers also had a base under the map and they raided me under the map, and placed cupboards around their radtown walls, under the map.

I wish this would be adressed because its ridiculous. the whole gameplay is ruined on our servers because most of japanese player (i live in asia) build inside rocks / under the map.

Edit, this still works as of latest updated i tested it. the “tweaked buildings to prevent building inside rocks” only prevented foundation to be placed inside the rocks, but anything else hasnt changed, and under the map also hasnt change it can still be built.

Door does not push you anymore inside.