Tool Cupboards

Just wondering, is there even a point to them? I had a small base, a tool cupboard in the middle of it with privilege for myself and my friend only. The base was 2 stories with a balcony on the second floor. Now I go out a good distance, farther than I could build anywhere near my base before the “building privilege” thing disappears and somehow I still got raided by someone building a tower well inside the privilege range, right next to my building. What’s the point of having a cupboard if people can just build inside of it’s range? Why have multiple doors when people can just go through the roof no matter if they have privilege to build in the area or not. I think this is a ridiculous exploit/bug that should be one of the first things to be fixed. I don’t see the point of using cupboards when they don’t seem to do anything.

Are you aware that the cupboards were changed a while ago to only cover a hemisphere instead of a full sphere? Meaning that if you place your cupboard on the second floor with no cupboard on the first floor, raiders can build up to the second floor. It will also do this if you built on an incline since the cupboard won’t protect anything beneath it.

To answer your question: Yes the cupboard does have a purpose, but that purpose is only to prevent someone from grieving players by blocking off all the doors to the outside of a base. It’s not meant to stop you from being raided.

right now its also a item of blocking people to build somewhere, its more a griefers tool then a prevention of it

Have a cupboard on your first floor but build your first one on a floor or 2 higher.
Avoid building on high areas or on the beach since people can crouch or build underwater under your cupboards range.

Look for a wide ditch if you’re going to build a base and make sure you have no windows on the first, second or 3rd floor (2 people working together can get into a window on the 2nd floor, 3 people working together can get a person into a window of the 3rd floor with some difficulty, it would be very hard to get someone into a window of the 4th floor with 4 people but still possible.

Similarly people can get into your roof or balcony if it’s 1,2 or 3 high so make to place some spikes around your base.