Tool gun broke itself with some download!

Hey guys, again sorry for putting this in the wrong forum topic first, I ment to put it here, if any admins are reading this just go ahead and delete that one I posted in the general games topic, I didn’t read carefully, I apologize but here is the problem copied and pasted.

Hey guys, I’m new to facepunch but I registered I think quite a while ago. Anyway I have recently gotten more hard drive space which means I have been downloading off of like crazy to expand and upgrade my Garry’s Mod 10. However in the last few days I believe, I think something I downloaded broke my tool gun. I can not use it on the map, just on props. For example if I get my balloon or wheel tool out, and fire it at the ground where I spawned absolutely nothing happens and it responds like I never even clicked. If I spawn a prop like a door or a cargo container then use the tool gun on the prop, it does work. Now I believe that if I can find what is messing it up and get rid of it that might fix it but to make sure, I was hoping maybe someone could tell me where I can locate the scripts or lua codes for the Gmod 10 tool gun so that I may delete them, and if my knowledge of how steam games work is correct, restart Garry’s Mod 10 and it will automatically replace them as the game sees fit. Thanks a bunch to anyone who can help, if anyone requests a list of what I’ve downloaded I’ll give it to them but in the mean time, any suggestions of what caused it and or how I can fix it?

Check your addons folder or your lua/weapons folder for any unusual items in there.

I got the same glitch, and i remember i downloaded a mod that said, as a side-effect of the mod, would make it so that you cannot use stuff on the map.

The OIFY map has a lua script that prevents you from using the toolgun on the map. Delete the OIFY map’s lua script.

where might I find it? lua, addons, or…maps folder?

Well for a start, did you even download the OIFY map?

no, that was why i was wondering what he meant. Could someone please just tell me the way to get to the tool gun directory so I can delete it and hope Gmod does the rest?