Tool Gun bugs?

I am just gonna get straight to the point. My tool gun will not work on floors, ceilings, walls or anything like that. It will only work on props, N.P.C’s, ragdolls etc. I cannot find ANYWHERE the answer to this problem. So does anyone have any solutions?

Do you mean that it can’t remove walls, floors, ceilings ect? These thing are usually part of the map and therefore static unless there is some kind of script on them. Constraints like rope and weld will work on these things but they will not change them in any way. Basically, you can’t effect the map in the same way you can effect props and other physics-based entities.

I think he means that weld, rope, elastic, etc. won’t work, I have this problem too, and I wish to know how to fix it without deleting all garrysmod content.

If he means removing then that is impossible (unless it’s a world prop)

I have this problem too i cant spawn items on the walls, N.P.C’s, ragdolls etc


eh someone pls help?

My tool guns screwed as well, every time i use a stool i get errors on the side of my screen and nothing works really annoying :frowning:

do i need to pay in order to use tool add ons???

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Seriously…no offense but that would be ridiculous :suicide:

I had this problem, it’s caused by the ghost npc.
No idea why it does this but it does.

Are you using a pretty old version of wiremod?

Arrgh I get the same problem to. I think it was an updates fault.