Tool Gun doesnt work!!!

Like the title says, for some reason or another, my Tool Gun won’t work after the latest steam update. Weld, Keypad, Rope, Etc. All I’m getting is a LUA error every time I try to use it.

Any ideas?

Singleplayer? Multiplayer? A Savegame?
If Singleplayer, try a fresh install.
If a savegame, don’t use savegames. Use Adv Duplicator. It’s Included in Wiremod. Use SVN to get Wiremod. SVN Tutorial:
If multiplayer… sorry, no idea.

Its happening in single player. You really think I need to reinstall? I won’t have to redownload everything will I?

Reinstall like this:
If that fixes it, put your addons back one by one until it breaks again. Then you know which one is breaking it.

Edit: If you have more than 50 addons, it could be caused just by having too many addons… Remove some.

For some reason it started working again, and I didn’t have to do anything. Thanks for the help.

If it ever happens again, give it a try at suiciding. Sometimes fixes this, depending on the error.