tool gun error and gmod playing up

hay ok so gmod hase bin playing me up for some time now but this is just WTF BOOOOOOOOOOM!!!11!!!

ok so it started with online play it wood lag a lot on most maps witch vary rarely happens for me unless thar are like 50 ppl on the sv than it whas my welding tool well lets just say it blows every thing i try to weld up…
and now (just this murning ) the welding tool is just an error now? it dosant work it just says error now and on top of that i cant play online now every SV i try to load i DC from befor i even can play 0_o

can any one help?

I can’t even read a sentence. Fuckin’ 9 year olds shouldn’t be able to play Gmod anyway. :lol:
Anyways, rename your garrysmod folder and start it again. You will have a fresh new gmod waiting for you. :buddy: