tool gun errors. everything updated.

wire svn is updated.
advanced duplicater svn (from wire svn) is updated.
wire model pack 1 svn is updated.
PHX svn is updated.
all other addons are:
-weight tool
-stacker tool
all addons are using the most current file on
(I know bigcity and PHX shouldn’t have anything to do with it…)
these seem like basic addons, I don’t know why I am the only one with these problems.

Any time I load a saved game, most tools using the tool gun model do not work. Some wire tool work and some don’t. Some default tools work while others don’t.

There are no issues with any tools unless the map was loaded from a saved game.

the error is:
[gamemodes\sandbox\entities\weapons\gmod_tool\stool.lua:92] attempt to index a nil value

I remember that there was problems with this a while back after gmod updated, and wire has to change something, sorry if the problem is solved, I couldn’t find a topic using the search.

Save games don’t work very well (or at all). Use Advanced Duplicator instead.

(Also you do not need the PHX svn anymore since it’s packaged with Garry’s Mod now.)

well thats why I’m seeing two folders for PHX stuff…

But i’m having a problems with advdupe too, when i copy something with it, it uses all the old stats of thrusters and turrets and such.
ex: i make a thruster with 100 power, then realize it needs about 250.
When I’m done with the contraption and advdupe it, and it’s back to 100 this happens with every wire thruster and wire turret.

so I really can’t save anything I make…

I’m having a similar problem with different messages. See, with me the tools dont even do anything. I click on something with AdvDupe and all i get is blue messages. Kind of frustrating considering that means if I can’t fix it I’ll have to start the entire project I’ve been working on over.