Tool gun respect?

Im trying to figure out how to give someone permanent tool gun priv’s ive seen it and gotten what they called “respected” and got a tool gun everytime i join/die

We use assmod to assign certain tools to “respected” rank.

Same here, For ULX you will need UReasrtict but from what ive seen that Ruins Darkrp’s Weapons.
Then again, it goes without saying…

Okay I have switched from ULX to assmod but how do I go about giving tool gun permissions.

i dont think you can restrict toolgun to guests but what i did on my server is restrict the tools.
you can simply do that but take the menu up, goto sandbox, restrictions and tools

Ive played on a server where I have been respected and my self and others spawn with tools guns 24/7 but others do not, I have posted a request in the lua request thread.