tool gun screen problem

sos i cant spell
so i played tf2 for long time then i wanted to build something i went on a sever to build something and BOOM errors screen on right middle side of screen
ps this never happend
pic of error:
error code:
wire/client/toolscreen.lua:23: attempt to call upvalue ‘_ViewModelDrawn’ (a nil value)
pc (laptop):
sos cant make the image bigger

Firstly, I would recommend that you type properly with correct grammar and punctuation. To answer your question, you need to update your wire via svn. If you don’t have svn then follow this guide.

well i allredy done all that it just all fine just but the tool gun wont work even if i use the normal stuff wire svn worked fine
ps i dont type a lot so sos for that that i dont use those things

It would be fine if everyone could understand you. If you’re asking a question you want people to be able to read what your writing. For example, I cannot read anything you just typed except for that bit about not typing much.

Edit: I’m going to direct you to this thread. As apparently you’re not the only one. I updated wire and it fixed it so.